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請查看以下的商戶如何充分利用PayDollar的電子支付解決方案,提高銷售額,及同時節省 IT 和財務資源的成本。

Mr. Joseph Lim,
Group IT Manager

Eastin Hotel

Referred by banks, Eastin Hotel switched to AsiaPay PayDollar’s payment gateway for years, because they have an excellent reputation in the market, an advanced security system and extensive industry experience. It offers multi-cards and other comprehensive payment methods with multi-lingual and multi-channel payment processing solutions. It has an advanced fraud detection and payment management solution.
Ms. Fennie Yap,
Finance Manager


L'OCCITANE has been using PayDollar’s digital payment services for 8 years, it has increased our sales. Customers can pay us anytime, in any way. We are pleased with its high-quality service and their support team is very helpful.
Ms. Hidayah

Head of Account & Finance Department,

The Account & Finance have to do payment reconciliation on daily basis. Instead of doing all the reconciliation for each transaction by ourselves, we make effective use of the payment gateway offered by AsiaPay PayDollar. It allows us to accept digital payments hassle-free since it can address and solve every payment issue we have.

Industries We Serve

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Advanced Multi-channel Payment Solutions for Airlines
Bring convenient payment to your passengers in Asia and maximize sales conversion with a trusted, innovative, and integrated payment partner.


Integrated Payment Solution for Education Industries
Accept international and local payments with an easily integrated payment platform. Ease bill management and payment reconciliation.


Smart Hotel Booking & Payment Solutions
Delight your guests with secure, convenient, and frictionless payment and maximize sales conversion.


Fast, Simplified, Secure Payment Solutions for Insurance
Ease payment collection from local and overseas policyholders in multi-channel. Improve customer service and enhance operational productivity.


Streamlined Payments for efficient Logistic operations, online and offline
Ease payment acceptance expansion and collection. Ease reconciliation, save administrative effort and boost productivity.


All-in-one Simplified Payment Solutions For Medical Businesses​
Simplified payment process and boost productivity with a reliable easy-to-use platform. Manage all bills, online and retail payments in real-time to avoid financial loss. .​


Fast, Innovative, Secure Payment Solutions for Property Management​
Experience a streamline payment workflows​. Ease payment collection from local and overseas customers and retain profitability without risking in long-term IT investments​.


All-in-one Payment Solution for Retail
Bring the latest payment convenience to your customers in Asia. Maximize sales and productivity with a trusted, innovative, and integrated payment partner.


Manage ticketing payment and redemption one-stop
Digitize ticket, manage real-time high-traffic payments and ticket redemption in a secure, robust, and cost-effective way. Enhance customer experience.